Thursday, 28 January 2010

# 685 - Pavilionul 32 - Camasa de Forta

Pavilionul 32 are a harcore punk band from Timisoara (Rumunia) with political-social theme for their lyrics.The band formed in the summer of 2004.The name of the band comes from one of the sections of the psychiatric asylum from Timisoara.The most dangerous ,,insane" patients are locked up in Pavilionul 32,beeing to dangerous to be allowed to roam freely in society.At the same time,a few hundred meters away the ,,normal" kids and teens from the area use the expression "You're from 32!" to ironize those who behave or think "abnormally".One member of the community was once cited in the newspaper saying:"I often get the sensation that the normal people are in the asylum(Pavilionul 32) and the insane ones roam freely in the area."

Pavilionul 32 - Camasa de Forta


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