Monday, 8 February 2010

# 694 - Warborn - s/t

Hardcore/crust z Petersbugu. Bardzo smutna i tajemnicza historia zespołu z majspejsa:

It’s a dark story…The band first time came together in the autumn of 2008 in St.-Petersburg (Russia), from smoke of factory pipes, dampness and a dirt. After not so long rehearsals, structure changes, and other daily problems in the spring 2009 It has been won back two twilight concerts. Further there is something not clear and the collective runs in long coma (yes, yes). During one of not numerous meetings crazy drunk drummer losing the control of his mind and also losing orientation in space and understood that he is not part of collective anymore, he want to play hellish acid d-beat and then he left us. It has left after himself very nice and funny memory about anarcho-wolfs, death on raves, half deadly and totally out of it’s mind and another interesting things. Ah yes, for some time before the bass player disappear and never came again on a way of guys. In the autumn of 2009 three remained participants are closed on a rehearsal point with the equipment for record and for 6 hours with the help of two metallists (thanks to Lyoha, thanks to Grisha) hardly recorded 5 tracks of draught record. After some time that record throw out to the Internet space and receives good and bad responses. Now the band rehearses newest-gloomy material in updated structure, going ready for the concerts and something else.

Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
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Warborn - Self-titled

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